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Have you already tried trip packages? 👀

June 7, 2022

CityBee trip package

For your convenience, we present to you trip packages that will help you save money, especially if you’re planning a longer trip. By choosing a trip package, you’ll pay less than travelling at the usual “pay as you go” price. You will be able to buy a specific amount of kilometers and time for the fixed price.

From now on, you’ll have 2 options before starting your trip:

  • Pay as you go – for minutes, hours, days and kilometres;
  • Trip package – fixed price package that will include a specific amount of kilometers and time.

Travel mode I. Pay as you go.

This is the well known way you’ve always travelled – pay for the kilometres you travelled and the time at the end of your journey.

Travel Mode II. You can get an advanced travel package.

Buy a fixed-price travel package – this will give you the specific time and kilometres for a fixed price.

If it happens that you  exceed the kilometres and/or time included in the package price, you can continue your journey. For every minute and/or kilometre you exceed, you will be charged the amount indicated on the package. The fixed price of the package will be charged before the start of the journey, and we will charge you for the excess kilometres and/or time at the end of the journey.

You can also continue your journey by purchasing one or more additional packages before completing your active reservation. If you decide to end your trip before you have used the time and/or kilometres in your package, the balance will not be refunded.

The package you have chosen will allow you to save money, that means you will pay less for a similar journey than if you were travelling at the usual “pay as you go” price.

Please note that if you choose other cars and buy a package, the cost of the journey and the amount of the discount may vary. You can see prices for all cars on the CityBee mobile app.

“Premium“ service option changes:

From today, you will no longer see the Premium service option, but you will be able to choose the Reduced Financial Responsibility service every time you book a new trip. As usual, if an accident happened, because of your fault, you will have the option to reduce your financial liability from €500 to €100. The fee will be valid until the end of the travel package.

Minimum trip price

A minimum trip price of 1.5€ is also introduced. If your trip, including surcharges, is below 1.5€, you will have to pay the minimum trip price. Check the full Pricelist here.


P. S. Don’t forget to update your CityBee mobile app and stay tuned for these changes! For more information on trip packages, visit the CityBee mobile app.

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