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Car delivery

Dreaming of a CityBee car waiting for you in front of the house in the morning?

We are pleased to announce that you no longer have to look for a car on your street in the morning and hope that your favorite car has miraculously appeared in your neighborhood at night. We make sure that the car of your choice is waiting for you in front of the house in the morning and you only have the joy of opening the car doors from your mobile phone!

*The map shows the areas where this service works.

Why order a car in advance?

We know how sweet the morning sleep is - we don't want to give up on any of that.

We know how stressful a morning outing can be when a child wants to eat, you need to walk the dog and any extra responsibility seems like the end of the world.

We know how annoying it is to be late to grandma's birthday, to whom you promised to help make the salad.

We know how rude it is to be late to the airport when there are business partners arriving, on whom depends whether you can continue going to fancy restaurants.

How to order a car for the morning?

  • To place an order, fill in the form below or call us on +372 600 0160.
  • Bookings for the morning can be made until 19:00 on the day before.
  • When the car is delivered to the desired address (at night), the reservation is started automatically and the daily price of the selected car model is applied immediately.
  • In addition to the cost of the trip, a delivery fee of 5€ applies.
  • CityBee will not refund the cost of your reservation if you cancel it yourself.
  • The map shows the areas where this service works.
  • The rent has to be ended in the orange CityBee zone.

Order a car

Thank you for the order!

A member of the CityBee team will contact you shortly.

Do you want to talk to an expert now?

+372 600 0160




    I agree, that reservation will be started automatically upon car delivery to the desired address at night (daily price applies immediately)*

    *By agreeing, you also agree that CityBee will not refund the money if you cancel the reservation.

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