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CityBee ON

Drive and collect your discount!

ON is a cashback discount system that will return part of the amount spent on CityBee services to you after each trip in the form of discount coupons. You can use the discount coupons for your future trips to save money. Please note: on 1 March 2024, the cumulative discount system ON will be terminated.



All private CityBee clients (individuals) who have agreed to the CityBee Terms of Use and have spent 90 EUR or more on CityBee mobility services in the last three months are included in ON.

Aim for the level

The ON level is determined depending on the amount you have spent on CityBee mobility services in the last three calendar months. There are three ON levels!

Choose when to collect

Discount coupons are given to you after each trip, but you can use them any time while they are still valid - 3 months after receiving the discount coupon.

Save up

You can use all accumulated and still valid discount coupons for your next trip. Drive and collect a discount with CityBee ON!

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